Your Perfect Sales Funnel Plan Begins with a Solid Foundation

No matter what you desire the end result of your sales funnel plan to be, the truth of the matter is actually quite simple. You have to start at the beginning. For anyone who is experienced in sales, there is already an awareness concerning sales cycles and how they can, at times be quite slow going.

By starting off on the right foot with a quality product and high standards for customer service, you will gradually build a positive reputation for yourself. Any future opportunities you have to provide repeat business with your customers will have them expecting the same quality service they initially received. And you need to be willing to provide that, even with your lowest priced or free product.

By laying a positive foundation from the start, you’re building a solid path between you and your customer. We want this path to be used for quite a long time. Once they are satisfied and begin to have trust in you, it’s time to find other venues for your business dealings with your customer. Set the stage for the next level of products you have available which may be of interest to them, and which they could find useful.

You have established your reputation now, and can take this opportunity to offer an assortment of enhancements for your customer’s original or subsequent purchases. More upscale services may be in order to assist with some of these new enhancements, and you must be ready to assist in any way necessary to remain trustworthy to these people who have stayed with you to this point.

There will be many other opportunities surrounding this initial contact. They may have told their friends, and had them contact you for the same products and services. Or you may have found your own clients for the niche you’re supplying information on. The same process you used for your initial customer can and should be used over and over again, as often as possible. This is how you are going to grow your online business. This consistency will ensure all of your customers receive what they well deserve.

As time passes, you may create or discover a high-level service or product which could be quite useful to your client, creating a huge impact for them or their business. The rapport you have built with this customer from the very beginning will come in very handy here. They will trust you in regards to these types of products, simply because you have been their faithful provider of friendship, quality information, and in some cases even reassurance, which has helped them develop their business just as they have helped you.

The final word for the time being is this: in the end, all you really have to give is your word. Make sure it is worth giving, and deliver everything you have said you would in the agreed-upon timeframe. It is this powerful yet tiny thing which can make the difference between success and failure.

Grow your online business through outsourcing

At some point in your online business, you’ll get to a point where you either have to accept that you can’t make more money than you do right now ( if you still want a life), or you will break through the wall and start outsourcing certain portions of your business to contractors who are experts in their field. The honest fact is, you cannot really do everything yourself. No businessperson runs his or her business alone and even though you have an online business, there is no reason why you should be forced to do everything alone either.

Most businesses outsource to people like accountants, bookkeepers, cleaning staff and more. But a bricks and mortar business often hires staff to be the receptionist, the secretary, web designers, content writers and other staff that can actually be outsourced to independent contractors for the most part. This is especially true if you have an online business where you do not have foot traffic coming in your door. There is no reason to have onsite staff. You can outsource almost every aspect of your business that doesn’t need “you”, to independent contractors.

By this, no one is saying that not every aspect of your business needs you. Of course, you are the one who has to approve everything that is done, and put your name on everything that comes out of your business. However, honestly, you don’t need to do everything. Therefore, you must decide what parts of your business need the most of your input. What parts of your business can be completed by others? What part needs your special touch? Write a list of every business task you do during a day, a week, a month and a year. Highlight the tasks that only you can do. Now, find people to whom you can outsource the rest.

It also helps if you get your procedures organized and written out in a sort of standard operating procedures (SOP) manual. Your SOP will include what needs to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis and who is responsible for each task. In addition, it will include the expected results, directions if needed, user names, passwords and any other information needed. The best way to keep this up to date is with some sort of online file or project manager so that if one person updates the file then it’s updated for everyone who may be using that file. Once you have this together you can separate duties up and give access only to those who need access.

To find vendors and contractors you can go to places like,,,,, and many other places on the net. One of the best places to find vendors is from recommendations from other online business owners. Most people will not give you a personal recommendation unless they really know that the person they are recommending will do a good job. Nevertheless, sometimes it is good to go out on your own to try to find the perfect person or people to outsource the tasks you need completed. The important thing is to move forward, and invest in your business and yourself so that you can grow your online business and move to the next level.

What Is a Mini Site?

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, chances are you’ve run across a mini site or two. Yet many Internet users don’t know what they are. They may not have even heard of the term.

A mini site is a website that consists of just a few web pages, or in many cases, only one. The main page of the site is often (but not always) a sales letter. A mini site is the polar opposite of a site like eBay or Amazon, which sells everything under the sun. Most are designed to sell a single product, which is usually an information product.

At first glance, the idea of a mini site might sound nonsensical. After all, how can someone make an impression on the World Wide Web with a single page? And more importantly, how can they hope to sell anything with a mini site when they’re up against so many mass merchandisers?

But the truth is that mini sites make a lot of sense. This is because the good ones are based on a targeted niche. By choosing a subject that isn’t widely covered and offering a profitable product, you can get a steady stream of income going with a mini site.

One of the greatest things about mini sites is that you don’t have to have your own unique product to sell. You can write an ebook or craft an online course on a hot topic if you are so inclined, but that’s not necessary. If you want to get started quickly, you can sell products that other people created. You can do this by joining affiliate programs or purchasing resale rights to information products.

Once you have your mini site up and running, you can earn money on autopilot. You can set things up so everything is completely automated, including product delivery. You can even automatically add new customers to your mailing list if you choose to do so.

The most successful mini sites might bring in several hundred, or even several thousand dollars a month. Most mini sites, however, will bring in a trickle of cash instead of a flood. But you don’t have to stop at one. Creating multiple mini sites will give you multiple revenue streams that could hold up for years to come.

Creating mini sites is a great way to generate passive income. There is some work involved in the beginning, but after everything is set up, it’s simply a matter of reaping the rewards. And best of all, you can get started with little or no technical know-how.

Equip Your Affiliate Marketers for Success

Launching your own affiliate program can only be a successful business venture if you
equip your affiliate marketers for success. How do you do that? By giving them the tools
they need to properly market your business and ultimately, make those sales!

Get creative.
You will want to make sure your affiliate marketers have access to as many marketing
tools to promote your business as possible. That means more than just a link. Provide
them with creative including banners ads, text ads, sales letters, articles, ebooks and
more. This will not only help you control your brand, but will also give your affiliate
marketers the ability to use as many different outlets as possible, thus reaching as many
potential customers as possible as well.

Educate your team.
Let your affiliate marketers know you believe in them and want to invest in them. Make
sure they are on top of industry trends, familiar with your competitors and have access to
marketing guides that you want them to follow. In order to have a successful team, you
want to help mold and shape them, investing in their marketing education to better your

Offer Incentives.
It’s important for your affiliate marketers to feel valued. They will only work harder if
they know they will be rewarded for it. Make sure that your commission structure is
highly visible and accessible so they know exactly how they stand to be successful. Also,
reward super-affiliates by offering them a better commission. Give your team something
to work toward and they will do all that they can to get there. Try holding contests and
offer bonuses for your strongest and best affiliates. They will appreciate the boost and
you will appreciate the increased profit!

Online Business Outsourcing – Gaining control by letting go

Most people think of outsourcing as something “Big Business” does, taking all our jobs “off shore”. However, even a solo entrepreneur can’t do everything themselves. Oftentimes people who work from home running and Internet business have a hard time letting go because they feel like they’re losing control. The truth is, by outsourcing various tasks of your business, you actually gain more control. You will gain control of your time, which will enable you to do more for your business and your family.

Outsourcing is different form hiring an employee. With an employee, you would guide their day-to-day activities depending on what you wanted done on any given day. When you outsource to an Independent Contractors you’re actually forming a kind of partnership. You’ll give this partner the full responsibility of performing the tasks that they set up their business to perform. You must be able to develop a trusting, professional relationship with your contractors. You won’t be there to supervise every aspect of their performance like you can with an employee.

In many ways, you give the outsourced tasks over completely to your contractor — it’s theirs to perform. While you certainly want to check up occasionally to ensure that the tasks are done properly, you won’t be telling them exactly how to do it or what time to do it. You will assign a due date of course, and expectations, but you won’t tell them exactly how to do it, or give them the tools to do it, other than passwords, user names and that type of thing. This is their business so you have to let go and let them do it.

Letting go can be frightening, but think about the fact that other business owners who have bricks and mortar businesses let go and let their employees do their jobs. They let cashiers do the job of a cashier, they let their bookkeepers do their bookkeeping job, their secretary does what he or she does, and so forth. A good business manager does not micro manage every aspect of each job, instead, a good business manager will let employees or contractors know what the expectations are, invite the person to ask questions, and then let them do their job.

By letting go in this manner when you outsource, you will be able to grow your business that much faster because you will be able to concentrate on tasks that earn money, rather than tasks that must be done but simply take up your time. The important thing is that you maximize your efficiencies and let other businesses maximize theirs. In other words, you do what you’re good at and let your contractors do what they’re good at. If you are doing more of your core business activities, you’re going to automatically earn more money.

When you start earning more money, you’ll naturally gain more control. In that way you are going to gain more control by letting go and outsourcing tasks that you don’t want to do, can’t do well, or that are non-money making activities that just have to be done such as posting articles on an article marketing site, or updating your webpage, or handling customer service issues. There are so many different aspects of your business that can be outsourced successfully. However, it will be up to you to decide what those tasks are.

Explode Traffic, Get Exposure & Generate More Sales with Pinterest

So you already have a Pinterest, and you know the basics of how to create boards and add pins to your various boards, but you want to really leverage Pinterest — and all it has to offer — to drive traffic to your website, increasing your business’ exposure and ultimately acquire more sales. If that’s the case it’s time to go to the next level and prepare a winning Pinterest marketing strategy.

Create Informative Infographics — Your infographic doesn’t have to be super intricate. It can be a simple meme that gets your point across. Creating visual content that educates, engages and even provokes your audience can be very useful to getting more traffic. Infographics are shared a lot and can become viral if you give it thought as you create it.

Freebies Work With Pinterest Too — Link your pin to something free. It could be a free report, an informative video, an app, a free sample of a more in-depth tutorial, or whatever you desire that your target audience would find valuable. Don’t forget to require a sign in to get the free item.

Brains Over Beauty — Even if your pins aren’t the most graphically pleasing to the eye, if they are educational and resourceful people will re-pin it and share it with others. Tutorials are the most shared and clicked pins on Pinterest. Yes, a lot of what you see on Pinterest is beautiful, but don’t overlook the value of sharing your intelligence.

Pins are Bread Crumbs — Remember that all the information you want to impart does not need to be on the pin. The pin is the breadcrumb trail you’re leaving to others to entice them to click-through to see the rest of what you’re offering. Provide them the “tease” so that they click through, not the entire show.

Keywords Still Rock — Even on Pinterest, what’s current within your niche and keywords still matter. It’s really not much different from any other type of content you use to promote your business. Ensure that you are using keywords in your captions, descriptions, and in your website link. You should also use hashtags. Educate yourself about your target audience so that you know what keywords and current events will attract them.

Engage With Others — Pinterest is social media, therefore it’s important to be social. Comment on other pins, like other people’s pins, and follow people who follow you. Promote your Pinterest on your other social media accounts too and make it easy for other to pin your content by adding a “pin it” button to your websites, blogs, and even your sales pages.

Edit Your Pins — After you upload a new pin from your computer, be sure to go back and edit it to add a link to the rest of the content that you want to promote. If you don’t do this, then if people click on your pin they will go nowhere. Another option is to use the “pin it” buttons on your own website to pin an item to various boards on your Pinterest account.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be certain to explode your traffic, get more exposure, and ultimately generate more sales.

Use one site to update all your social media


Gizapage is another promising aggregator. It says it’s an integrated social hub bringing together your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and more so that you can share with all networks at the same time, and you can pick and choose which networks too. It also lets you view your full profile from one spot. The problem with it is that you have to ask for a quote. It looks really great but that automatically makes me think it will be expensive. I put in for a quote but haven’t heard anything yet.

Social aggregators aren’t new, they’ve been around as long as social media has been around. If you do a Google search on social media aggregators you’re likely to find a lot of them both working and defunct. You’ll find free aggregators, and premium fee based services. They come and go so choose a popular one that is widely used so that you don’t have to start over. Part of using an aggregator is to save time. Setting one up takes some time and work but is worth it in the end so no matter which one you choose definitely make sure you do choose one in order to stop wasting time duplicating tasks.

Video Marketing Consistency

It doesn’t matter whether you’re aggressively going for “branding” or you’re just more concerned with selling this particular product – video marketing consistency is an often-overlooked key component to success.

It’s not the proverbial rocket science, to take advantage of an overused but remarkably apt phrase: It’s just common sense.

In English-speaking cultures, our brains are hard-wired to look for “patterns” everywhere – in nature, in routines – and especially in movies. And nothing creates a pattern more easily and instantly than repetition.

So how does repetition relate to video marketing?

Easily! If you include your website URL on a blue background at the beginning and end of your first video, do it again with the second. And the third. It doesn’t matter if there’s a different URL: Using the same background – colors that people identify with you or your website – will make it feel like they’re watching something familiar and consistent. And that breeds trust.

Think of all the elements you can include in every video you make. Make a list of these elements, and create a “template” for each video, with these elements pre-included.

Have a recognizable, great logo? Put it in your video – but always in the same spot.

Have a knack for making things funny? Become known for your “funny” videos (YouTube viewers love “funny”!)

Are you a gifted interviewer? Then always use the interview format, when dealing with your subject of the moment.

Have theme music you really like? Include a bar or two to “introduce” each video in a series.

Create a series. People love repetition, remember? And even though your video content isn’t searchable, titles are.

So the next time you plan to make a marketing video, don’t just think of that one video – plan to bring consistency to all your video marketing efforts.

Looking for Inexpensive & Quality Outsourcing? Hire a WAHM

As an online business owner looking for help with their business, it’s often very hard to find quality work without a high price tag. The thing is – it doesn’t have to be. There is an entire group of service providers who make a living providing top notch work for budget friendly prices. In case you’ve never heard of WAHMs, you’re about to learn just how they can help catapult your business without breaking your bank.

Work at home moms (WAHM) make up a huge portion of service providers online. Because they work from home themselves, WAHMs know what it’s like to build a business on a tight budget. This is the perfect scenario and a win-win for both parties. The moms need the work and you need someone committed to your business who is reliable and understands your situation.

What types of things can these work at home moms do? The talents of these ladies are endless actually, but here is a nice size list to give you an idea of the types of things you can hire a WAHM for:

Virtual Assistants – VAs provide a variety of services and many specialize in certain areas. You can find a virtual assistant who handles customer service, writes, and creates audio and video material and tons more. Many get paid hourly for their services, but are well worth more than their hourly rate.

Technical Gurus – From HTML to software creation there are tons of moms who love the techie side of things.

Blog Installations & Maintenance – This is a growing service with the emergence of WordPress especially. You can find WAHMs who specialize in not only installing your blog but even managing your content too.

Ghostwriters – From articles to eBooks and everything in between there are tons of moms who have turned their love of writing into a business.

Transcriptionists – Many moms build an entire business around transcribing audio for website owners. If you’re looking for someone to transcribe a report, podcast or interview, look for a WAHM transcriptionist.

Editors and Proofreaders – Tired of looking over every single word your ghostwriter sends you? Hire a mom to do it for you!

Affiliate Managers – The services of some affiliate managers can cost a fortune. From recruiting and training affiliates to paying them and creating tools and resources for your affiliates, there’s probably a WAHM who can do it for less than the big dogs and do it well too!

Copywriters – It’s no secret that many online business owners don’t write their own copy, but if you think paying a professional copywriter is cheap think again. Some charge in the thousands just for one sales page. Save some money and hire a WAHM copywriter instead.

Press & Media Specialists – If you’re looking to get your business noticed you’ll need some PR. There are mom business owners who focus their efforts on just that. From press releases to social media outlets, these ladies can get you noticed by the right people.

As with anyone you consider outsourcing to, do your research before hiring a WAHM. There are unfortunately a few bad apples out there so ask around in your circle of friends and business partners for their recommendations. I’ll be willing to bet that many of those you associate with have worked with or currently work with at least one work at home mom service provider.

Five Tips to Manage Time in Your Business

Managing time as a business owner can become a high priority. To maximize profits, a business owner should spend more time on income producing tasks, and less time on non income producing tasks. To this end, is helpful to:

1. Focus on Generating Income — Separate your tasks into two separate lists, those that produce income and those that don’t. You want to set up a system that enables you to spend the right amount of time doing income producing tasks while making it easy to do the other tasks, which while they may not produce income still need to be accomplished.

2. Set Goals — The time-management success secret for any business owner is that there is no real secret, you can’t really manage time, but you can manage what you do with your time. Having daily, weekly, monthly goals written-out very explicitly is an important factor in effective time management for a business owner. If you don’t know what needs to be done and what you’re working toward, you will be just flailing around with no direction. What is your ultimate business goal? What one goal do you want to accomplish this year? What are the steps that you need to take to achieve the goal for this year? Will that goal enable you to get closer to your ultimate business goal?

3. Create a Plan — Another time-management success secret for business owners is that you must have a written plan. Just like you need a map to go on a cross country trip, you need a plan to achieve your business goals. The best way to create an accurate and workable plan is to start with the end-goal and work your way backwards toward today. But, making the plan does more than just help you reach your goals, it helps you to manage your time effectively while arriving at your destination healthy and happy. Having a business is an exciting journey in which to take part, but if you have no plan and are so harried that you can’t breathe it will feel more like a nightmare.

4. Schedule Everything — The truth is, you can have all time-management success secrets for business owners written out and planned but without creating a schedule you can’t get hold of the time in a helpful way. In addition to focusing on income generating tasks, setting goals, and crafting plans of action, it is imperative, for ultimate time management, that you schedule everything. Schedules can be adjusted, but if you make it a rule that you only reschedule for truly important reasons and emergencies, you’ll find yourself with more time. Time to do what you want to do with your business, as well as with your family and friends.

5. Track Results — This is one of the most important time-management success secrets for business owners. Once you create a plan of action and start implementing it, track the results to see if you are accomplishing the goals you’ve set out to realize. If you’re not seeing the results that you want, rework each aspect of your goals and plans. Evaluate your calendar to make sure you’re making the most of each day.