Grow Your Affiliate Program with a Multi Tier Structure

Launching your won affiliate program can and will benefit your business and increase
your profit-making potential. When you get started in creating your program, you will
have to make some very important decisions. You will have to formulate your terms and
conditions, write an affiliate program and within those documents, and possibly most
important, decide what your commission structure will be.

Offering a competitive commission structure will not only encourage and motivate your
affiliate marketers, but will serve you well as they work even harder to grow your
business. After all, they want to make money too. A multi tier affiliate program will
afford your affiliate marketers the opportunity to become successful while allowing them
to feel valued.

While a single tier commission structure may seem more appealing and easier to
maintain, it is not nearly as profitable as a multi tier approach in the long run. As your
affiliate marketers see increased sales and increased success, so will your business.

You may also want to consider rewarding affiliates who reach certain goals by dubbing
them with the title of “super-affiliate”. Along with that title, of course, comes a higher
commission, but the incentive to get there will only make them work harder. You may be
hesitant to make such an offer knowing you will eventually have to part with a larger
portion of the profits, but then again, your profit will only grow if you encourage your

Remember, your affiliate program is only as strong as your affiliate marketers and they
will only produce results if they feel valued, rewarded and well-managed. Stay on top of
your affiliate program by being a strong leader and in turn, you will have the privilege of
leading a strong team.

5 Ways to Earn Recurring Revenue

Earning recurring revenue is the best way to keep your business afloat even during down times like vacation and illness. Recurring revenue is money that you will earn week after week or month after month without that much daily upkeep. You can add many levels of recurring income to your business model even as a service provider. Here are some ideas you can start right now to set up a few recurring revenue streams.

Technical Support — Look at the services you provide and choose the ones that must be done on a regular basis. For instance, if you’re a technically inclined Virtual Assistant who works with their clients on keeping their websites updated you can offer a monthly recurring package of updates. You would put the client on auto-pay, or auto-billing which can easily be accomplished with billing software such as, and then you would automatically do the updates as needed for their sites on a mutually agreed upon schedule.

Teach Others — Most people are an expert at something. If you are making money working from home as any type of service provider, you can help others do the same. Create an ecourse, and either put it in a members only website or have it delivered by members only email subscription sign up. The good thing about this is the work is done once, and other than occasional updates to the information, this recurring income idea will be on auto-pilot just like the eCourses.

Write an eBook — Don’t just write the eBook, sell it. Today it’s very simple to put a book for sale on Kindle via Even if you only sell your book for .99 cents you can make quite a nice recurring revenue stream. You can write books about your own business, your own life, or even a fictional novel if you want to. There are writers who could not get published in a traditional manner earning six figures via Amazon Kindle. Why not you. Imagine making recurring revenue years down the road from work you did today.

Create a service club — Many big name sites do it, like Amazon, Costco and others. For a small membership price you are first in line for service, or you get other special items if you choose to use them. The trick here is that the specials do not roll over and the client must act by a certain date each month. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer you could offer 1 banner, 1 button, and 1 other graphic each month for a price you feel is fair. The member is set up on auto pay or recurring billing the first of each month. The members are entitled to use their credits on a first come, first serve basis with a 48 hour notice. If they choose not to use their credits one month, it does not roll over. Believe it or not people will pay for the privilege of being first.

Long Contracts — Another idea for recurring income is to give discounts for longer contracts. Instead of just working week to week or month to month give your new clients (and old) the option to sign a yearlong contract for a discount. Make the terms of the contract explicit that if they leave the contract early they will need to pay the discounted fee difference. For instance, if you give a 50 dollar per month discount due to the client signing a yearlong contract, then they cancel after seven months, to end the contract they will need to pay $350.00 to end the contract early. Ensure that all your payments for these contracts are received before you start any work agreed upon.

Virtual Event Platforms — Which one to use?

There are so many choices today from event platforms and technology to use to conduct your virtual event. There are also many different price points to choose from. The first thing you should do is choose your budget, then write down a list of features you want the online event technology to have. Next go to Google and start your search. Alternatively, you can simply take a look at the various technology below. — You can have online meetings inexpensively with depending upon how many people you want to attend and the features you want to use. There are videos to teach you how to use the software. — They have several price points and several different choices to choose from depending upon how many people you want to attend your virtual event and what features you want to have. Also offers training on how to use the software. They even have an option where you can collect payment which is integrated into the system with — This platform offers many ways to have a meeting and give a presentation including mobile options. There are three different pricing options and price points the highest one is about 70 dollars a month and allows for up to 100 attendees to your event. — This is more than a web conferencing software it is also collaboration software. There are different levels of use you can get monthly and even per- use accounts depending upon your needs. — You can share your screen with anyone or a multitude of people with this online meeting software. You can change presenters during an event, record, there is a whiteboard, a chat area, and more. The pricing is competitive, you can get a lifetime license with a onetime payment if you want to. — You can get video conferencing as low as 40 dollars a month with this solution and even get a white label solution to sell the conferencing solution under your own brand. This can ultimately bring in a whole new income stream if you decide you want to do virtual events full time. — This is a feature rich solution that allows you to sell tickets to your webinars online with PayPal integration. You can share your screen, record meetings and more with this software. Right now it is completely free. While it doesn’t rank as high as some of the others in terms of how well the technology works, it is free.

As you can see there are many different software choices to choose from when it comes to virtual event technology. It depends on what features you need, your budget and whether you like using the software. Each has a free trial option so try them all out to determine what you like best. Further, this just scratches the surface of what is available out there to try. Do a Google Search on online conferencing and event software and you will literally find hundreds of different options.

Important Pinterest Tools, Apps and Plug-ins

Like with any other social media, awesome tools and plugins that increase the usefulness of the service are being developed all the time. It’s important to stay abreast of the different tools so that you can get the most out of your Pinterest account. You probably already know about the follow buttons and the “pin it” buttons so let’s move past that and talk about some other useful tools, apps and plugins.

Mobile Apps — Both Android and iPhone offer apps that allow you to immediately pin imagines that you’ve taken and saved to your mobile. You do have to go back in and edit links, as well as change the names of the pictures to useful, keyword rich file names, but it can come in handy when on the go to save important images and update and edit them later. However, if you have access to the web via your mobile device you may also be able to update links, keywords and more, all on the go.

Browser Extensions — Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer all offer browser extensions to make Pinterest more automated and easy to use. Each adds a button to your various browsers for easier pinning from any website. Firefox’s extension allows you to create a right click Pin Image choice which is super useful and easy. Chrome even has an extension that enables you to search information about images you find on Pinterest, called Pin Search. It can even help you find the actual photographer of the image in question.

Editing Software — Developers are creating some useful fast ways to develop pin worthy memes and images with words. allows you to create an image out of any quote or text that you find on the web. allows you to edit an image with professional looking captions and text quickly and easily without having to use complicated software like Photoshop.

Collaborative Apps — There are a variety of collaborative apps that allow open boards to be made even more interesting. Say you’ve created a collaborative vacation planner board for your entire family. If you have an app called, you can add your favorite music, a sticky note for someone, quotes, maps, music and more to the collaborative board.

Infographic Creators — Pinterest is a very visual social media platform, but not all of us have the skills and talents to create eye-catching graphics using complicated software, nor the money to hire someone else to do it. That’s where cloud-based software such as, and comes in. These online software allow you to create interactive infographics ( […Visual representations of information data or knowledge. — en.wikipedia) that are perfect for use on Pinterest.

Analytics and Alerts — As a savvy marketer you already use Google Alerts to be notified of content with your keywords or your name, why not add that functionality to your websites and blogs? You’ll be notified each time someone pins something from your web real-estate. It makes it easier to interact with your followers and those who re-pin your content. You can also try out, which helps business owners market Pinterest content across the web. Create campaigns with their intuitive system within your budget and get started right away.

Video Marketing and Pre-Launching – How Video can Increase Your New Info Product’s Visibility

Video marketing is one of the new ways that companies can market information products and it can be a great way to market products that are in pre-launch. You may have noticed an increase in websites that offer streaming video. With this increase has been an increase in the number of applications and elements that you can add to video. Video can be a great way to get in free marketing and they can be embedded into your blog or your website and you can create links that can be placed all over the web or even in emails.

Videos are not difficult to create and can contain a wealth of information. You can put in animation or screen shots in addition to creating commercial style videos or even demonstrations of products and services. This works out as a great marketing tool.

Videos are significantly more likely to draw attention than other forms of marketing. This is because they are engaging on a number of levels. You want to create a desire for your product and that means that you must present both yourself and your product in the best possible light.

There is no better way to do this than through video. It allows individuals to be engaged both in an audio and visual manner. This accomplishes several things. First, your customers and visitors are more likely to watch a video than read a sales page. This means you increase the awareness of your information product.

The second thing that videos do is to create a larger impression making it easier to remember. This is exactly the sort of response you want especially during a pre-launch. You want customers to remember the product, especially in times where there may be a several weeks or even months between the time you begin advertising and the time that the information product is actually launched.

Other options that go along with video can also be podcasts. These are generally interviews so they will need to be from individuals who have found your product helpful. However, this usually requires some sort of beta testing. So, creating either videos or podcasts that involve these types of interviews usually also involves a significant amount of preplanning but can be easily included in pre-launch strategies.

You are definitely going to want to consider video and podcast interviews for information based products. People like to know that the information they are receiving is going to be useful and there is no better way than to supply testimonials from individuals who have had the opportunity to try the product. Getting testimonials from people is generally not difficult if you offer the product to them for free in exchange for their opinion. Once they have read your information product, simply plan 10-15 minutes to record an interview with them.

Videos are a great way to bring attention to a product and create a lasting impression. This is why they are one of the best ways to promote an information product in its pre-launch phase. Video can also be embedded or linked through websites, emails and blogs making them highly versatile.

10 Benefits of Launching Your Own Affiliate Program

There are many benefits to launching your own affiliate program, but here are 10 of the
best reasons to consider implementing this profit-making program.

1. Little to No Startup Cost
It is up to you just how much money you want to invest in launching your own affiliate
program. The only true startup cost that it requires is for you to purchase a reliable
affiliate management software program that will help you to create, implement and grow
your affiliate network.

2. Easy to Manage
An affiliate program can be easy to manage, especially if you set up a well-organized
network and take advantage of helpful software, most of which has the ability to make
your program completely automated. From sign-up to commission tracking, an affiliate
program will leave more time for focusing on your actual business.

3. More time
With advertising your business being handled by your affiliate marketers, and an
automated program that is under control, you will have more time to focus on how to
further grow and develop your business.

4. Free Advertising
Having a team of affiliate marketers is the best way to spread the word about your
business without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on expensive ads. By
providing your team with links, banners, text ads, sales letters and other marketing
materials, you will gain the exposure you want and need without the exponential price

5. Increase Visibility
Your affiliate marketers will be doing most, if not all, of the advertising legwork for you.
As your team grows, so will your visibility.

6. More Customers
By reaching more people through your team of affiliates, you will ultimately reach more
potential customers. It’s a pure numbers game. The more recognizable your business
becomes, the greater your customer base will grow.

7. More Subscribers
Not every one who comes across an advertisement for your business will become a
customer, but that doesn’t make them a lost cost. Launching your own affiliate network
will also give you the opportunity to gain more subscribers who have potential to become
a customer later on. Don’t underestimate the power of subscribers. Consider them to be
customers in waiting and it is up to you to reel them in!

8. Search Engine Placement
The more ads and links that carry your business name, the more search engines will pick
up your business, bringing you closer and closer to the top of their lists.

9. Shared Success
You want to be successful and so do your affiliates. By launching your own affiliate
program, you will be giving the opportunity for success to many hard working
individuals who will come to trust and depend on you and your business. When they are
successful, you are successful and that is something to be proud of.

10. Maximize Profits
While it is important to feel good about what you are doing, the bottom line is to make
money. An affiliate program will not only increase but maximize your profits, and that’s
what it’s all about!

Money Making Review Websites — Five Profitable Niches

It is important to choose your audience before choosing products for your product review website. It is also important to have a targeted keyword rich domain name so that you can rank high in the search engine rankings. And, as with any website you need a lot of keyword rich content and search engine optimized (SEO) pages in your site. But, if you’re not sure yet what types of products you’d like to promote, here are five profitable niches.

Organic & Natural — Today organic and natural products are in high demand. From clothing, to beauty products, to food and everything in between there are organic and natural products to promote. In fact, each of these ideas can be a micro niche in and of themselves. Such as natural and organic baby products, organic cotton clothing, vitamins, or organic beauty products. Ensure that your products are actually organic or natural depending on your niche.

Diet & Health — We all know that the diet industry is a 40 billion dollar per year industry, and climbing every year. There is no reason you can’t get in on this deal by reviewing health and diet related products. You can personally review each diet for a period of time and then document your results or lack of results. Soliciting other people’s reviews and assistance for this type of product review website can make it all the more effective. Each of these ideas can also be broken down to micro niche sites, such as delivery diet food reviews, exercise equipment reviews, or even more specific such as, indoor exercise equipment.

Technology Products — From computers, to online services, to everything in between technology product reviews will bring in money if done right. Focusing on a specific niche such as PC’s or Macs, or peripherals, or software will make your site more effective. Your technology related product review site can become the go-to site for anyone looking for technology within your target products. Ensure that you choose a well defined niche, and that you know what you’re talking about when writing the technical reviews.

Local Referral Service — Starting a local website or blog that includes local referrals and reviews of restaurants and other local businesses can be a very profitable product review site. You can set up different categories, or you can stick to review of local restaurants, pubs and eateries only. Once your site gets busy, local people will want to put up a review, and you can sell advertising, or offer a coupon service.

Regardless of which niche you choose, you should be super focused on one specific niche. Provide accurate and full product reviews, allow for site visitor interaction, and keep the site updated as much as possible. One of the biggest reason many product review sites fail is the lack of commitment to the product review website.

If you commit, and take the time necessary to make an attractive, accurate and up-to-date product review website, you can make money. Ensure that your information is unique, keyword rich, with continually updated content and it will happen but it will not be millions of riches in your pocket over night while you sleep. YES, you will eventually make money while you sleep for something you did months ago, but you will have to work toward that happening.

Affiliate Marketing Finding the Right Products

One of your most important jobs as an affiliate marketer is to find the right products for your target market. In order to find the right products for your target market you need to study who your target market is. You should figure out their demographics, their needs, wants, desires, and fears. Once you know these things you can find products that fill the needs that they have in the price point that fits your demographics income level, as well as a good profit for you.

It’s also important that you that you trust the person who creates the products that you promote because you want to only promote products that are what they say they are. Plus, you want to ensure that you are paid as well. If you don’t make sure that you can trust the person creating the products you’re going to promote you could ruin your entire reputation and on the Internet reputation can be everything.

The way to figure out if you can trust the product creator is to take your time and look through their sales pages, content, and also purchase the product for yourself. If the product is a “How to guide” of some kind make sure that you try it out for yourself to see if it works. If it works then you’ll feel good about promoting it, and you’ll have a good success story to share with your potential customers and clients with the content you develop to promote the product. If the product does not live up to the hype you can get your money back especially if they take PayPal payments, or are promoting via ClickBank. So really, you’re not out anything by trying something to see if it works enough for you to be happy promoting it.

By choosing products you’re proud to promote and that really work you will create an excellent reputation among people who have bought from you. They will likely become your cheer leaders, and respond to your blog posts and join you in social media and they’re more likely to buy from you again when you find another product to promote. They will know that your products work as you say they will and they will buy from you again. In fact, your best clients will be those who have bought from you already. This is why it’s very important to capture your client’s information in an email list and remember to segment.

If you have trouble finding the right products for your niche market and you know your market well you can create products yourself and get your own affiliates to promote the products for you. This might take a little bit longer to accomplish, and cost a bit more to get started, but it is an alternative or a good addition to promoting other people’s products. Today there is a lot of good software that makes being having an affiliate program easier than ever before. You can promote products via ClickBank, or you can invest in a shopping cart with an affiliate component. Most are not that hard to set up, so once your product is created you’d be ready to promote.

Marketing Your Business Blog via Social Networks

If you have a business blog but aren’t using social network marketing to promote it, you are losing out on literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of potential readers and customers.

Social network marketing is becoming, if it’s not already, the number one way businesses are marketing today. This is because the potential to reach people all over the world is on the Internet through social networking.

In order to make social networking work for your business blog, obviously you need to be a member of the major social networks. However, more is required. You must be active on the social networks. You simply can’t just belong but not interact with other members and expect to build your business that way.

The whole idea of social networking is not simply to drive more traffic to your blogs and sites, it is to build relationships with potential new readers, subscribers and customers. It is then through those relationships that your new contacts will come to know and trust you. Therefore, they will be more apt to purchase from you as well.

So, how do you go about making social networking work for your business? One way is to add, follow or friend people in your target market or niche. Then, begin building relationships with them first. Yes, let them know about your blog, but don’t be all about expecting them to go read it without first knowing why they should. This is where the relationship comes in. Once your subscribers know they can trust you and that you’re not just out to sell them something, but you genuinely want to help them, they will be interested in what you have to say and what you have to sell or your services.

Social networking can be tricky too. You may have a tendency to want to build up your number of friends and followers, but if they are not part of your target market or niche, then they are just a bunch of people. If you don’t have to offer what you’re followers need and want, then all your efforts are a waste of time.

As mentioned earlier, social networking takes time and effort. If you don’t personally have the time to devote to really make social networking work for you, hire a virtual assistant or social network manager to do it for you. It won’t do you any good to belong to social networks if you never have the time to spend building relationships with your potential new readers.

The hottest social networks right now are Twitter, Facebook, Digg, De.lic.ious and Stumble Upon. Of course there are numerous other social networks you can join as well, but these are recommended to get started. Trust me; you will be plenty busy trying to keep up with these five.

Once you start building relationships through social networking, then you can begin promoting your products and services to your audience. But remember, helping your readers, finding ways to benefit them is what’s going to keep them coming back to your site for more! Don’t let your relationship become all about only selling to them.

What to Include in Your Offline Business Networking Toolkit

Being prepared for a networking event can save you a lot of time. Knowing your intention before you step in the door will help you stay focused. With a business networking toolkit you will have everything you need to present yourself to potential business partners.

Business flyer
A flyer that includes your mission statement in 1 – 2 sentences along with your contact information can be an asset during large networking events. Staple a business card to the top if necessary. Remember to concentrate on the people with whom you can truly develop a relationship.

Is your site mobile ready? If so, make sure you add a QR code to your flyer. This way they can instantly see what you are all about. It also makes it easier to send a quick thank you or set up a meeting after a gathering.

Question and Answer Sheet
Having a question and answer sheet prepared before you attend an event will help you stay focused on your purpose which is to gain quality contacts. You want contacts that can help your business move forward. At the same time you want to find ways in which you can refer people effectively that will benefit them.

Some sample questions might be:
* What type of customer are you looking for?
* What do you want or need from me?
* How can I help you move forward?

Preparing your answers to these questions ahead of time will put you ahead of most businesspeople.

Testimonials and Success Stories
Have a copy of testimonies and success stories of clients who have used your service or product. This will add legitimacy or proof to the effectiveness of what you do. It is also a great resource to have after presenting your business elevator speech or 30 second “about me” speech. Upon hearing the speech and piquing their interest you can present real-life examples.

Current Business Issues
Staying current on your industry is a must. When attending a networking function having a small list of what’s hot in your niche can be useful for conversation starters and for input from your peers. Knowing how a certain trend is affecting others can be valuable. It can help you improve your own business and help them with theirs.

Business Cards
It might not need mentioning but remember to bring your business cards. You would be surprised how many businesspeople forget this necessary tool. Before an event review your current business card. Does it have the essential information? Name, Contact Information, Purpose & Offer, Your Logo – If not you might need to update them before the event.

Prepare the tools for your business networking kit ahead of time so that when you attend an event you will be ready to network effectively. Be sure that you update these tools when necessary. Remember, too, that a contact made is not really useful until you follow-up. After the event, take time to sent thank-you notes either via snail mail or email. Enter the contacts into your networking spreadsheet or address book so that when a potential client needs a service that you don’t provide you can refer one of your new business colleagues.