Get a life by outsourcing tasks for your online business

Has your online business endeavor taken over your life? Are you finding it hard to balance the business with your other life? You know the life of a wife, mother, husband, dad, or friend – that life. If you are finding that it is harder and harder to complete the tasks that earn money for your business, and you’re spending more and more time on tasks such as customer service, loading shopping carts, setting up sales pages – tasks that don’t directly earn money for your business such as product creation or idea development.

Good news, you can outsource any task that you either do not want to do, or simply don’t have time to do yourself. You can become the manager of your business and have an entire army writing information products, creating sales pages, setting up your websites, article marketing, social networking and more all based on your ideas and direction. In fact, you can even hire an online business manager to manage your army so that you only need to deal with one person. The possibilities are endless when it comes to outsourcing in your online business. Only your budget and your imagination can stand in your way.

The trick is knowing where to start when you begin outsourcing. If your budget is small, then you will need to start small. Pick the task that you dislike doing the most and outsource that one task. The time you free up, and the relief you’ll feel when someone else is doing the task you can’t stand to do will be more than worth whatever you can afford to pay someone. You’ll free yourself up to be more innovative, and get rid of a huge load of stress in your life by giving up doing tasks you can’t stand doing.

The other trick to outsourcing is knowing how to let go of the process and focus on the results. If you try to micromanage those you outsource to you will lose people really fast. Remember that contractors are not employees; they are business owners, just like you. The difference is they are earning money doing the tasks you dislike doing. You are earning your living doing tasks you enjoy doing or are good at doing. In a perfect world you’ll find people to do all the things you dislike doing so that you can concentrate on the money makers you like doing.

In business, this is called maximizing your efficiencies. You do the things you’re really good at doing, and you’ll get better and better at doing them. Let others do the things they’re really good at doing, and they’ll get better and better at doing them! Your online business, with the right people to outsource to, can become a very well running and well-oiled machine that makes you and your entire team a lot of money.

Many businesses, both bricks and mortar and online businesses use various forms of outsourcing. Businesses outsource to call centers because it is an efficient way to provide customer service. Businesses outsource web design so that they do not need to have a web designer on staff. Businesses outsource to a Virtual Assistant to do administrative work and other tasks so that they do not need someone on staff and only need to pay for the actual time needed to complete tasks. What would you outsource right now?

Cash in During the Holiday Season with Sales

During the holiday season every store you know is having a sale of some kind. You hear about some of the sales on the news with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales creating the kind of buzz that marketers can only dream about the rest of the year. Even if your store is completely on line, and even if you deal in digital products you too can take part in these sales so that you can cash in during the holiday season.

Make The Sale Amazing

First, decide what type of offer you’re going to create. It should answer your customers’ needs, while also ensuring that you still make a profit. If you sell digital items this is simple. You can literally sell your digital items for 99 cents and still rake in a profit because once you’ve created a digital product and made back your initial investment it’s all profit from there.

Make The Sale Time Sensitive

Next, it’s important that your sale offer is time sensitive. You don’t want to keep any sale going for an entire month. You literally want to have various sales at different levels during the entire holiday season with Cyber Monday and Black Friday to be your main sale dates. At the most you can go for a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale, but don’t drag it on too long if you want to make the most sales.

Make the Sale Make Sense

You want to sell things during your holiday sale that make sense to your audience. It’s okay if it’s a brand-new item, or an old item, or a package of both, just make sure it fits in with your audience and their needs. Like all products and / or service it should answer a need of your audience. Don’t change that formula for a special holiday sale.

Partner With Others

Holiday sales are a great time to create a short joint venture partnership with others who offer complementary products and services to yours. By creating one big sales page with a lot of awesome sales on a lot of different products and services, and then by jointly marketing them to all combined audiences you’ll make a bigger impact for your holiday sale.

Don’t Forget the CTA (Call to Action)

The most important part of your sale outside of the actual product is your call to action. If you aren’t clear in your call to action you won’t make the sale. The call to action should include the deadline, the price, and what to do to make them click through and make the purchase. By including a clear CTA you will win more sales, every single time.

Finally, give your audience enough time to get excited about the sale. Let them know with teaser blog posts, emails, and newsletter entries that you will be having an amazing sale that they can’t miss out on. Hint, tease, and lead up to the big day and you will be sure to cash in during the holidays with sales.

Video Email Marketing: Have You Tried It Yet?

One other tactic you can employ using videos is video email marketing. But is it effective?

A report from Marketing Vox reported impressive results, with a 33.42% clickthrough rate, including 63.95% of that 33% “watching the video through to completion. Adds Marketing Vox, “The average viewing time was one minute and thirty-six seconds; by way of comparison, the average email viewer will only spend eight seconds reading an email.”

However, before you rush to include video email marketing in your own marketing arsenal, stop to consider the fact that Marketing Vox does not clarify who the target demographic was made up of.

This means the most important question you have to ask yourself right now, before you make a decision, is: “Will my particular target market respond well to video emails?”

One simple way to answer that question lies in looking at your subscriber preferences, if your autoresponder allows that. If 79% of your subscribers have stated they prefer text emails, seriously consider abandoning video email marketing on the spot. However, if 100% prefer .HTML, you’ve successfully passed the first hurdle.

Right now, jot down other pre-qualifying questions you can think of, specific to your subscribers.

Before you rush off to create a video, however, one of the first things you’ll need to ensure is that your autoresponder is up to the job of working with video email – Constant Contact and GetsResponse are leaders in this field, so if you’re using one of these services, you’re home free, in that respect. (Constant Contact offers a generous free trial, too.)

Some other tips to video email success:

1. Make sure your message is extremely short – around 1 minute is best, for email videos.

2. Make sure your message is valuable and highly relevant. Your readers will not click on your videos again, if that first message was an empty, promotional blurb.

Benefits of eMail Videos

1. These can make a memorable personal connection, in a way that the written word can’t

2. Have an unusually strong video testimonial? Use it here! Video testimonials are usually shorter than 1 minute; plus you can ask your list for more video testimonials – using your “example” to hook them into viewing the existing one.

3. You can track your video email marketing with Google Analytics (or more sophisticated tracking programs, of course)

4. You can use videos that instantly play, the moment your subscriber opens the email: However, for this to work rather than annoy them into unsubscribing, make your first video especially short – perhaps a small animation rather than a formal marketing message. That way, when you send your next, longer video, your subscribers will be “expecting” it, and won’t feel annoyed.

You barely have seconds to grab your reader’s attention. A video animation that loads in quicker than they can decide could be the perfect way to make your product or services stand out.

Keeping your personal and professional life separate on Facebook

Pretty much everyone has a Facebook page. There are over 845 million users on Facebook. Naturally, with that large of an audience it’s important that your business be there. Marketing your business via Facebook is a great way to get new business as well as create free word of mouth marketing.

In addition, it’s easy to create Facebook advertisements, and more on Facebook. But, there are some serious roadblocks with social media that can cause problems for any business owner. You innocently click “like” on someone’s picture, article, or meme and before you know it someone you do business with us offended and fires you.

Dr. Phil says that perception is reality, so it doesn’t really matter if you’re within your rights to have your own opinions when it comes to social media. Of course, you do! However, so do your potential clients. There are some best practices for using social media when it comes to business. One of those best practices is to keep your business and personal life separate.

The way to keep your business and personal life separate is to:

Create separate accounts — Choose very carefully when business associates or acquaintances want to follow or friend you on your social media. It’s perfectly within your right to turn someone down to be your friend. Creating separate accounts can solve a lot of issues.

Think twice before doing — On social media where people can follow you without your permission, it’s important to consider the ramifications of the things that you choose to share. If you want to be controversial, think about it first.

Use privacy settings — On social media where you can set privacy features, and even block people; ensure that you take advantage of the technology. No one will know they are blocked or that your account is even there in most cases, if you set your privacy settings right. Don’t underestimate the power of keeping private things private.

Understand the technology – When you set up any social media accounts be sure to understand how it all works. For instance, consider the chain of events that occur when you “like” something. Who sees your “like”? Do you care who sees your “like”? Is it really private?

What will your Grandmother think? – A good test to see if something is appropriate to post, including pictures, memes, and thoughts — is to know whether you would want your Grandmother to see it or not. If the answer is no, don’t post it.

Stay focused on your audience – When using social media to promote your business stay focused on what your target audience wants to see from you. It’s okay to promote your business on private networks occasionally so that your family and friends know what you’re up to, but don’t share private matters unless necessary on your business social networks.

Your personal life is none of your clients’ business. It’s likely that they don’t want to know much about your private life either, especially super private information that covers the three topics that you should not discuss in mixed company: Religion, Politics and Money. Keep that in mind going forward and keep your personal and private lives separate on social media as much as possible.

Money Making Product Reviews that Rock

If you want to write money making product reviews you can do it. Just follow these easy steps and you’ll have product reviews that rock! Follow these suggestions and tips each time you create a product review or product review website, and you won’t ever forget anything important to include in your product reviews again. You’ll be able to create product review sites, and write product reviews repeatedly that will make you money over and over again!

Do Your Research — Research is part of every niche product review website and part of every single product review. If you don’t know anything about your target audience, or the type of products they use down to the keywords (search terms) that they use to find the products, then you’re not going to succeed. You want to succeed, start with the research before you even start making the website.

Know Your Competition — Many people think competition is bad, let competition be your guide to building a profitable niche product review website. If there is a successful website about your niche, you can be successful too. Just do it better than anyone else. Do it more, do it more complete, be more honest and your audience will thank you.

Be Above Reproach — Be completely honest and straightforward in all your product reviews. If you received the product free prior to the review, say so. If you bought it yourself, say so. If you hate it and would not use it if your life depended on it, say that too! Having honest reviews that tell readers exactly how you really feel will go very far in creating a feeling of trust in your readers. Trusting readers buy what you recommend.

Know Who The Product is For — Know who wants your products, and who makes your products. If you name the people who will use the product as well as the people who create the products in your website you’ll cover both sides of the fence.

Know What The Product Does — Name the product and name what the product does especially if the name of the product isn’t suggestive of the problem it solves. For instance QuickBooks is financial software for business but you might not know that by just the name. Explain each product completely.

Know When Your Audience Needs It — At what point does your target audience need the product (now!)? You must include a call to action that gets attention and makes your audience want to buy it right now while still maintaining a review feel. Instead of saying buy now, you’ll describe when a member of the target audience needs to use the product. Example: Nursing bras are comfortable to wear toward the end of your pregnancy as your size increases because they are adjustable, and after birth for ease of nursing.

Know Where To Get it and Use It — Might seem obvious, but it is important to tell your target audience where to buy it by providing a link and telling them to click the link to buy or to read more if the link is going to a sales page.

Know Why Readers Should Use it and Why They Trust You– Always explain why your reader should trust what you say about a product. Explain your policies, your rules of doing business, and tell them who you are by demonstrating good judgment and honesty in your reviews.

Close each review with your personal opinion about each item you’ve just stated so that there is no mistaking about whether or not the reader should purchase the product or not. If you are offering a coupon for the product, a premium to the reader if they buy the product from your link, and again provide the link to where to get more information, or buy the product. You can also include “like product” links under each review to keep them on your page if they’re not convinced to buy at this point.

The First Step to Choosing a Profitable Sales Funnel Niche

In the world of internet marketing, the term “sales funnel niches” is heard often. It’s a technique used in affiliate marketing as a means to seek out smaller sections or sub-groups of a larger market. This permits you as an internet or affiliate marketer to develop and promote these smaller sections to better suit the needs of your potential customers or prospects. There are several steps to choosing a profitable niche. Let’s take a look at the first steps.

An Interesting Niche – It’s much easier if you choose a niche to work in which will provide you with some satisfaction. An advanced interest in the topic makes it that much easier for you to continue being able to supply your customers with valuable information on a regular basis. This is the key to getting your successful sales funnel started on the right path. If you can’t come up with enough information to keep your prospects coming back for more, you may need to reconsider your niche choice.

Demand for Your Chosen Niche – If you’re concerned whether your chosen niche is one that will be popular enough to keep your online business going strong, take it for a little test drive. Perform keyword research to guide you towards stats about your niche idea and how many searches have been done on your potential niche.

For example, if your chosen niche were cotton balls you would do keyword research based on that. Let’s say cotton balls returns a result of 152 searches per month. This is not a very in demand topic and it could be a difficult niche to profit from.

Now let’s change that keyword research to your second choice, homemade beauty products. It returns a result of over and above 30,000 searches per month and is definitely worth looking into. The higher the search result, the more popular the niche – the more demand for information on your chosen topic. The more popular the niche, the better chance you have of succeeding with your sales funnel using this niche as your starting point.

Making sure your topic is interesting to you and researching demand is just the beginning to a profitable niche and sales funnel. There is a method to success with niches and sales funnels. The best way to succeed is to take it one-step at a time.

Making Money with Free and Paid iPhone apps

iPhones are one of the most popular mobile devices for surfing the Internet, playing games and even conducting business remotely. It isn’t difficult to get approval for your app via the Apple store so don’t be intimidated. You do have to pay for the software development kit, and follow all the guidelines and rules for developing a killer app. There are even companies that will create your app for you. You can also hire a programmer on sites such as, it’s up to you and depends on your skills.

However you do it, creating iPhone application is an excellent way to add to your income stream. If you’re a developer you can make money directly by creating apps for other people who need apps. If you want to expand your branding you can develop an app that gives potential and current clients a useful or fun app that they can use daily. If you’d like iPhone applications to be another way to earn money plus expand your brand you can offer apps free with advertising or sponsorship, or sell them out right for a onetime fee or even a subscription service. Even if your app is completely free, with no ads, and no charge, you can make money indirectly with an iPhone app increasing product awareness and creating a new way for your clients to use your products or services on the go.

For your application to make good money you’ll have to sell a lot of them, or create an app that is so useful and different that you can charge more than the typical free with advertisement up to 1.99 or so. If you create a really useful application or extension to an online app that you already offer, then you may be able to earn more than average by subscription. If you create a fun application that goes viral, offered free, with pay per click ads that earn money you can earn money that way too. Even if you did not have thousands of downloads, if the app is useful, or fun and something that is accessed on a daily basis the ads will earn money over and over again.

It will be up to you to determine which method of monetization or combinations of methods works for you. You’ll need to know your target market well enough to know whether or not they will pay for an app to avoid advertising, or whether they will even use an app or not. You can often offer both a free ad supported version and an upgrade to pay for a non ad supported version successfully. This gives your customers a choice and will give you a good clue as to what types of apps to develop in the future if you decide to create more.

Once you create your app and decide on how you will earn money then you will need to concentrate on promoting your app. You can promote it the same way that you promote any product you have. You can use social media, blogging, article marketing, and every method at your disposal to promote your new app so that you can make more money from free and paid iPhone applications.

Outsourcing your online business – The value of investment

In today’s world of remote technology and fast broadband, a business owner can actually outsource an entire business. To some this idea may be frightening, but to others it has been the ticket to freedom from a boss or a job. Internet marketers and online business owners who leverage technology to their advantage are the ones who understand that for every contractor they bring into their team, they are investing in their business. Every task that can be successfully outsourced to an expert can bring a huge return on investment (ROI) in terms of time gained for yourself and your family. In addition, there will be a monetary ROI for each and every service provider with whom you contract.

Think of it this way. If you can earn 160.00 per hour, doing what it is you do that brings in money to your business, but you’re spending time doing tasks that can be accomplished for $25.00 or even $100 dollars an hour, you’re not investing your money or your time wisely. Why not spend more time doing whatever it is that you do that earns $160.00 per hour, and less time doing what can be done less expensively by someone else. Not to mention that when you outsource to someone who is an expert the job will be done faster and better without you!

In business, this is called — maximizing your efficiencies. If you’re a fabulous life coach imagine how many more clients you can take on if you’re not entering data, editing websites or sales pages, or editing content for article marketing. If you run a successful online business of any kind, you can probably make a list of activities that you could outsource to others that will cost less than your hourly rate. If so, you can use the time more efficiently by doing more of whatever it is that you do best and let others do what they do best. You’ll create a more powerful and profitable business if you view bring on contractors as an investment in your business rather than an expense.

For example, your hourly rate is $160.00 for doing what you do. You hire a Virtual Assistant to take care of posting all blog posts and article marketing articles for you for 10 hours a month. Now this is off your plate. Now you have 10 more hours a month to earn $160.00 – $25.00 per hour, this is a net increase of $135.00 per hour for 10 hours, which can increase your monthly gross income by $1350.00.

That’s an excellent return on investment and can’t be beat in any other way. Even if it takes you an hour a month to communicate with your VA you’ll still be ahead by over $1000.00 per month. The truth is, the monetary increase will become greater the longer your VA works with you. When people do the same task over and over again they will become faster and faster at accomplishing the tasks, so over time that 10 hours of work that you contract with a VA can become worth more than you might imagine depending upon how good the VA is at their work.

Five warnings about offering online services

If your main business is an Internet marketing business that’s goal is to earn passive income tomorrow, through the work you’ve done today, offering services to others can be a great way to generate income that you can use for your business. However, trading hours for dollars, while easy and convenient due to the fast pay off, is very limited. By its very nature, hourly work is limited due to the fact that time is limited. There are only so many hours in the day. In order not to get sidetracked away from your main business heed these warnings.

1. Charge Enough — If you decide to offer services to others while you build your actual Internet business, it is important that you know how much to charge. Charge enough that you won’t feel resentful about doing the tasks, and enough that the money will make a difference for your life and business. Remember that you really don’t have 40 hours a week to bill. You are probably lucky to have five billable hours a week because you’re trying to build your real business too.

2. Be Dependable — If you’re going to offer a service, by all means, stick by your word and give the people what they are paying for. They don’t care, or need to know, that you care more about building your passive income than providing this service to them. All they need to know is that you are dependable, and that you provide a good service for a fair price.

3. Limit Offerings — Don’t compete against yourself by offering clients services that put them in a position to compete with you. Offer services to those who offer complementary information and products to yours. For instance, if your expertise online is offering information products to Child Care Providers the last thing you should do is offer ghostwriting to those who are offering the same type of products. Save your talent for your niche for yourself. In addition to limiting the subject matter, limit the actual amount of time you offer services. Leave time for your own business.

4. Take Breaks — When providing services, it can get very hard to take a break. Time is money, and therefore you must force yourself to take breaks during the day. Get off the computer and walk around. Ideally, you should get off the computer every hour for at least ten minutes to do some sort of exercise. If you don’t, you will get burned out and have nothing left for your own business. If you need to set a timer. One tip from a work-at home-mom is to get up every hour and do house work really fast, for ten minutes. You’ll be healthier, and you’ll have a cleaner house!

5. Remember Why — Never forget why you decided to provide a service! You want to provide this service in the short term so that you can generate cash for your real online business endeavor. It’s very easy to get turned on by the money you can make as a service provider to the point that you forget that you were building a passive income empire before you started. Leave time for yourself and remember why you must!