The Top Reasons you want Recurring Revenues

Recurring revenues are the lifeblood of your business. It does not matter what business model you have right now, what matters is that you make recurring income each month that you can count on and that hopefully, grows with each passing month and year to come. When you can count on your income growing each month and year, you know you’ve done something right. The top reasons you want recurring revenue streams are:

Work Once — Most recurring revenue streams are work that you do once, and keep getting paid for later. Such as eBooks, niche websites, and affiliate marketing. All of these require you to do the work once, and then you can get paid months and years later for your efforts today. Nothing is more fun than seeing money in your PayPal account for something you did two years ago.

Passive Income — Many types of recurring revenue are what is called passive income. That doesn’t mean you don’t do any work, but it does mean that you can keep earning on the same item. For instance, if you have a niche website or blog, that has some affiliate products, and Google AdSense as the revenue streams it can become almost automatic. Once you get the traffic up to a certain point, if you leave it for say a two week vacation, or a six week period of time off due to birth, death or illness you’ll still make money on the site.

No Limits — Unlike trading hours for dollars there is truly no limit to the amount of money you can make with many recurring revenue streams. Once you write an eBook and start selling it, you can sell it as many times as you want to. You can’t sell as many hours of Virtual Assistant time as you want to, because there are simply only so many hours a day. The same can be said for Graphic Design or any type of service business. While you love doing it, there are built in limits.

Avoid Burnout — We all need to take breaks. In the current service provider business model there is no room to take a break. How would you like the freedom to close down your business every holiday? What about taking month long vacations during the summer? Heck, how about taking a trip to a warm climate when the weather gets too cold at home? The possibilities are endless and having a recurring revenue stream allows you to be more picky about taking on clients so that you can truly do what you love.

More Saleable — The more passive and recurring income you have the more you can sell your business for later if you choose to do so. If you learn to separate yourself from your business model a little bit then you can eventually sell the business so that you can retire or move o to the next opportunity as you wish. A business that is named right, and has recurring revenue is just more salable than a services business with a good client list, without.

Monetizing Your Mini Site

Mini sites can be powerful moneymaking machines. Once they’re in place, they can bring in money without you lifting a finger. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before you start counting those dollars, you must first find a way to make them.

A well crafted mini site is focused on a specific niche. In order to monetize it, you must offer something that appeals to that niche. There are several ways to accomplish this.

1.Create Your Own Product

Creating an information product is one of the most lucrative ways to make money with a mini site. A simple ebook can sell for $20 or more, and an ebook series or online course could net you hundreds of dollars. If you’re good at writing, this could be the perfect moneymaking opportunity for you.

But you don’t necessarily have to be an accomplished writer to sell your own info product. You could purchase some PLR content, do a little rewriting and adding on, and sell it as something unique. If writing is not your thing, maybe you could put together an educational video series.

2.Buy the Rights to Someone Else’s Product

For those who don’t have the time or inclination to create a new product, this is a great way to start making money quickly. You can buy master resale rights to reports and courses that others have written, sell them, and keep 100% of the profits. There are even packages available that include a sales page and graphics, so all you have to do is upload the files to your hosting and promote the site. For a one-time investment, you get unlimited moneymaking potential.

3.Join an Affiliate Program

If you want to get started with a minimal investment of both time and money, affiliate programs are definitely the way to go. You simply promote other people’s products, and when a sale is made, you keep a percentage of the profits. Your only investments are the time and money it takes to set up and promote your mini site.

Whether you’re bursting with creative energy or just want to find an easy and inexpensive way to make some passive income, there is a mini site monetization method for you. If you have just a little knowledge about setting up a website, you can be up and running in no time. If not, it’s not hard to learn. Its one of those things that literally anyone can do.

A Dead Simple Follow-Up Idea!

I just thought about something concerning my last post.

I’m going to give you a ‘nudge’ in the right direction that could easily bring in an extra $500 to $5000 per month, if you don’t mind some old fashioned hustling.

Let’s say you purchase the “Developers” license (available as an upsell) for something like this software I mentioned.

Here’s a quick way to make that investment pay for itself in spades…

Pick a popular offline niche. let’s say something like “dentists” or even “realtors”.

Now you setup a WordPress blog, install the plugin and add some related content.

You don’t even need to write it yourself. This is where you just pick up some PLR or special reports with resale rights to use as content & incentives.

Then you turn around and call on 10 businesses in the phone book or just take a walk around your local business district and show them what you’ve got.

It’s easy, you don’t have to explain the whole thing…

Just get them to visit the site, enter their name and email address and click the “submit” button that will give them the free referral link.

On that same page, you’ll see a couple of social media buttons.

Just tell the guy with the credit card/check book to share it to his Facebook page or Twitter/LinkedIn account and let him watch how the message spread virally when he checks his stats the next day**.

(**This gives you an excuse to follow-up)

Then offer to turn the site over to him for “$xxx,xx”.

(Don’t forget to offer upsells like personalizing the site, signing them up for an autoresponder account or whatever else they might need to get the most out of their new viral referral system.)

How much do you think you could make by setting up viral lead-generation sites like these for offline niche businesses?

Businesses in the offline world live or die by referrals.  You can be their hero and make some stress-free cash with just a couple of hours setting this up.

PS — Don’t forget about the power of simply hiring some college kids to actually run this thing for you like a business.  It’s ridiculously simple to setup these sites and kids are more than willing to go calling door to door for some spending cash.

Increasing Online Sales with Content Marketing

The simple task off adding quality content to a site can mean the difference between generating more sales or driving away prospective customers. Creating something unique and creative enough to grab the attention of the reader is the key to a successful business.

There are a few simple ways you can increase your sales with content. The following are a few examples of ways to bring in the customers and keep them coming back for more.

List Capture – The easiest way to build a list of potential customers if to offer something on your website for free. It could be as simple as a free report detailing more information about your product or a free copy of an eBook you have written. Enticing the customer to want to sign up for something will allow you to retain a list of customers to use to further in your marketing efforts.

Promotion – Promoting your product throughout the content of your website is the best way to get a customer interested. Place a graphic of your product and make it clickable so when a customer clicks on the image they will be taken to a sales page about the product. Once the customer is there, give them the option to either buy the product or receive more information about the product. This again, allows you to develop a list of potential customers who you can then market to.

Keywords – Perhaps the best way to drive traffic to your site and gain customers is by writing content rich content with keywords for greater search engine optimization (SEO). Providing these keywords will help your website reach the top of the search engines and bring more customers to your site. Knowing which keywords to use requires some research on your part.

There are many sites on the web, which will allow you to plug in a word and display how many people search for it on the web. Use these tools to plug in some of the keywords from your content and then properly place them throughout your content. It needs to be placed organically so the content remains in a natural, flowing manner and not forced.

Implementing one or all of these strategies will help get sales coming in and keep them coming in the future.

3 Reasons Why Your Comments Get Deleted

Have you ever written what you thought was a positive, timely comment to a blog you like, only to never see it appear? … Or worse… see it on the blog for a day or two, then have it disappear?

Most likely it’s nothing to worry about. Blog owners don’t check their “comments to be approved” section for days, or they hit the wrong button when deleting potential spam (we’ve probably all of us realized that split second too late, we just deleted a favorite follower’s post by mistake).

But if it happens to you frequently, check to see if you’re making these unwitting mistakes…

1. Leaving incredibly short, vague comments.

You may have been totally sincere when you wrote: “Cool blog! I’m so glad I discovered this site!” but unfortunately, that’s exactly what spammers do.

FIX: Leave comments that contribute to the conversation. Reference some specific point you agreed or disagreed with in the post. Offer an alternative viewpoint, elaborate a little more (providing you know some fact that adds to the post value).

And if you really can’t think of anything to say but: “Oh Wow! I love your blog!” – it’s really not worth commenting at all, kindly though your sentiments may be.

2. You’ve accidentally violated a rule.

For example, including a link in your comment, when the blog’s guidelines say “no URLS in comments”; or you’ve used aggressive or crude language and offended the shy owner of the Warhammer blog with your raunchy old lady knitting comments.

3. You’ve just posted something extremely dazzling that makes the poster look bad – especially if he’s a direct competitor.

This is called “not being very smart” in the real world, and is akin to beating the boss at golf.

Fortunately, it doesn’t happen too often… but if you can shake your competitor so badly that he stoops to deleting or not acknowledging your comment – you won’t need much help in the near future with your linking efforts!

Affiliate Marketing Secrets – Taking it to the next level

If you’ve had some minor success with promoting affiliate products you’re probably wondering what you can do to move up the ladder to the next level. You seriously want to become a super affiliate and start making six figures in affiliate marketing so you can quit your “day job” and come “home” full time.

Well, it is possible for you to come home full time if you pull out all the stops and truly devote yourself to affiliate marketing as your career choice. Once you are earning money it is important to invest in your business so that you can take it to the next level. Remember that you are only one person, and if you really want to reach your dream of quitting your job, or making this part time endeavor earn a full time income, you’ll need to think strategically.

Outsource – You’re only one person, and you only have so many hours in the day. The quickest way to increase your reach and your income is to outsource various administrative tasks to someone trained to do those tasks.

You can outsource to:

Virtual Assistants – Handles administrative tasks such as customer service, formatting eBooks, eReports, checking email, posting blogs and content.

Graphic Designers – Handles all your graphic needs such as banners, book covers, and can even design special buttons and graphics for your website.

Affiliate Managers – If you create your own product which you want to promote via your own team of affiliates an affiliate manager can help boost sales by directing your sales army and motivating them. The affiliate manager would also create or have created banner ads, text ads, and marketing materials for your affiliates to use.

Content Managers & Producers – The content manager would handle all content for your site from creating a publication calendar, to writing or having written the content, and posting or having posted the content where appropriate. The Content Producer would only write content as directed. He or she can then send it to your VA to post.

Web Developers/Designers – This person would design your website, and perhaps maintain your website in terms of security and upgrades and updates.

Some people choose to employ an Online Business Manager sometimes referred to as an OBM to organize and lead all the people above including your activities. The OBM can help keep you on track with product creation, newsletters, and your marketing goals. There are others to whom you can outsource but it is best to start small. Always remember your budget, and once you’ve started earning some money stick to a budget for outsourcing so that you can run your business the way you want to.

By outsourcing various tasks you can concentrate on what it is you do well. Perhaps you’re an idea person who can churn out money making ideas but you’re not good at implementing them. If you have a staff at your fingertips you can simply tell you Content Manager to find someone to write the eBook or eReport or other informational product that you want per the terms of your outline. Then it will be created fast and you can keep coming up with ideas and work on the more “fun” aspects of your business like engaging in social media while sitting on the beach someplace. Now, that is truly taking your business to the next level.

Creating Recurring Revenue Solutions

If you’re a service provider you may be looking for ways to increase your income without increasing your work load. Trading hours for dollars can be limited. Sure, you enjoy and love what you do every single day but eventually the amount of income you can make will be capped to the number of hours you have each day to work. By creating recurring revenue solutions you’ll end the problem with time scarcity and open up a whole new world of possibilities. You can think of recurring revenue as a way to add on to your existing services but it can also be a way to create passive income. Let’s take a look at both options.

Add on Services That Create Recurring Revenue

Priority Client Club — Charge clients a monthly fee to get priority service. If your normal return is 72 hours offer them 48 hours for the price of the monthly fee. Or, offer a set number of services / products / tasks for the monthly recurring charge.

Monthly Maintenance Program — If you perform technical services such as website security maintenance, updates, and backups, offer a monthly recurring program to your clients that they pay every month via auto pay or auto billing.

Long Term Discounted Contracts — Offer a big discount for clients who agree to sign a long term contract rather than work just month to month. They must give a notice to end the contract since you make it clear that you mark out this time for them. Sometimes you can include a cancelation fee equal to the discounted rate to avoid client cancelations or freebie seekers.

Client Coaching Program — Coaching can be accomplished via email, on membership sites, and by telephone. Offer a monthly client coaching program with recurring fees and a promise of a certain amount of your time.

Passive Income Models That Create Recurring Revenue

eBooks — Write the eBook once, then sell it in multiple ways. Via your own website and sales page, or via Amazon’s Kindle and /or Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Both offer a free and simple opportunity to sell your eBooks. Price point is imperative here, lower is better for larger sales volume.

eCourses — If your book is a how-to book, you can break it down into a course that you “teach” via email. Set up Aweber to auto deliver courses on a predetermined “drip” and clients pay you a monthly membership fee to keep getting the courses via their email membership.

Membership Website — Put your eBooks and eCourses and other “how to” information on one website and charge a monthly fee for access. In this case you may need to add to the site at least monthly to encourage members to stay.

Affiliate Programs — Both have an affiliate program and participate in affiliate programs for products and services that you like. Nothing is better than making money today on something you did a year or more ago.

Outsourcing Services — While service providers like to think they are irreplaceable, try to think long term and consider starting to outsource much of the work you do on a day to day basis. By outsourcing most of the hourly work, you will become a manager of your business, which can then be sold, or taken over by someone else.

5 Steps to Launching Your Own Affiliate Program

You have heard that an affiliate program can help grow your business, how beneficial it
can be and why it is a good investment. So you are convinced, but how do you get
started? Launching an affiliate program can take your business to new heights and these
five steps will help you get there.

Step 1: Choose your software.
Before you begin creating your affiliate program, you will need to decide which affiliate
management software is right for you. Take the time to research the different programs
available to you. You will need to take a look at product reviews, user recommendations,
and if possible, reach out to other business owners who have used programs you are
considering in order to get the most accurate feedback. The affiliate management
software you choose will be an extremely important investment as you begin your
program and later, manage it in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Step 2: Create your program.
Once you have selected your affiliate management software, you will need to make some
basic decisions about what it will look like. Begin by writing the terms and conditions of
your affiliate program. Decide whether you will offer a two-tiered or multi-tiered
structure. In addition, you will also need to write your affiliate agreement, which will
outline what is expected of your affiliates and what they can expect from you. While it is
not always necessary, you may want to consider hiring an attorney to review your terms
and conditions and affiliate agreement to ensure you have covered all of your bases.

Step 3: Build your team.
The only way to grow your affiliate program and build a team of affiliate marketers is to
let them know you are out there. The best way to do that is to list your new program on
various affiliate directories online where affiliate marketers can find you. And having
already selected a robust affiliate management software program, you can rest assured
that once they find you and are directed to your site, they can easily sign up and
automatically receive the tools they need to get started.

Step 4: Offer incentives.
Not only are you competing within your niche to make your business succeed, but you
will now have to focus on offering an attractive affiliate marketing program with plenty
of incentives in order to build a team of dedicated, profit-producing affiliate marketers.
With competitive commissions, potential for growth and the occasional opportunity for
bonuses, you can attract affiliate marketers who know how to work hard and produce
results. And while not every member of your team will turn out to be so motivated, you
will want to do all that you can to attract those who are.

Step 5: Equip your team for success.
Make sure that your affiliate marketers have the tools they need to properly market your
business. Provide them with materials such as banner ads, ebooks, articles and sales
letters. In addition, offer to share educational materials with them and make sure they are
on top of the latest industry trends, marketing strategies and affiliate marketing tactics.
When they succeed, you succeed, so you will want to stay on top of their efforts

What Is a Mini Site?

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, chances are you’ve run across a mini site or two. Yet many Internet users don’t know what they are. They may not have even heard of the term.

A mini site is a website that consists of just a few web pages, or in many cases, only one. The main page of the site is often (but not always) a sales letter. A mini site is the polar opposite of a site like eBay or Amazon, which sells everything under the sun. Most are designed to sell a single product, which is usually an information product.

At first glance, the idea of a mini site might sound nonsensical. After all, how can someone make an impression on the World Wide Web with a single page? And more importantly, how can they hope to sell anything with a mini site when they’re up against so many mass merchandisers?

But the truth is that mini sites make a lot of sense. This is because the good ones are based on a targeted niche. By choosing a subject that isn’t widely covered and offering a profitable product, you can get a steady stream of income going with a mini site.

One of the greatest things about mini sites is that you don’t have to have your own unique product to sell. You can write an ebook or craft an online course on a hot topic if you are so inclined, but that’s not necessary. If you want to get started quickly, you can sell products that other people created. You can do this by joining affiliate programs or purchasing resale rights to information products.

Once you have your mini site up and running, you can earn money on autopilot. You can set things up so everything is completely automated, including product delivery. You can even automatically add new customers to your mailing list if you choose to do so.

The most successful mini sites might bring in several hundred, or even several thousand dollars a month. Most mini sites, however, will bring in a trickle of cash instead of a flood. But you don’t have to stop at one. Creating multiple mini sites will give you multiple revenue streams that could hold up for years to come.

Creating mini sites is a great way to generate passive income. There is some work involved in the beginning, but after everything is set up, it’s simply a matter of reaping the rewards. And best of all, you can get started with little or no technical know-how.

What Makes a Joint Venture That Works

Have you ever wondered what a successful joint venture looks like? Let’s travel back to our childhoods and reflect on the awesome goodness of Macaroni and Cheese. It’s the perfect example! On their own, both macaroni and cheese each have their own successful markets and followers. Together, they are not only good, but they complement each other and raise each other to the ‘great’ standard.

The same is true for people and businesses that work together well. Each business on its own has a job and they do it well. When partnered together, they share the workload evenly and reach for that ‘great’ pinnacle. They don’t try to steal the spotlight from the other but rather always treat each other with mutual respect.

Build your partnership from a solid business
You need to have a solid business first before you go out and seek a joint venture partnership. Your product or service must be tops. It must offer value to your potential partner.

Focus on growing your business on your own and delivering the best possible product to your customers. Once you create a strong following, work on creating a great partnership.

Trust is your Commodity
In a partnership, trust is a valuable commodity. Without it you won’t get very far. In fact, if you aren’t trustworthy, word will spread fast and your little business will flop pretty quickly.

Is there such a thing as brand loyalty anymore? It depends on what product we’re talking about but with the onslaught of coupons and people wanting to save money, it’s very easy to lose valued customers if they don’t trust your brand or product.

Work Well with Others
In order to have a successful partnership you need to like your partner. Sure, disagreements will occur but good communication can solve those. If you are constantly usurping your partner’s authority or disrespecting their role you will soon be without a partner.

Have Clear Roles and Responsibilities
When you develop your partnership have clear roles and responsibilities set in writing. There will be days when this will be an issue and having it in writing beforehand will remind both partners of their respective roles.

Put Others First & Treat them with Respect
Relationships are the backbone to any partnership whether that is marriage or business. One of the ways a marriage stays strong and lasts is by each partner respecting the other. By putting the other partner first you are saying your respect them, you want to see them succeed and you value them.

To create a successful partnership you need to work together, respect each other’s individual businesses, and offer unique products that when put together makes an even better product. Having developed a firm and quality product on your own will give you the time to really know what you want for your business. This in turn will give you a firm understanding of what you need in a partnership to grow your business to greater heights.