This letter and coaching program won’t be for everyone, but it might just be the best thing that happened to you in your entire online career.

Yes, it comes with a hefty price tag but then again, there’s no one else that can even remotely deliver a fiendishly delicious coaching dish like this. Where else is someone willing to lay everything on the line and to take you by the hand and walk you from product concept to cash in your pocket in just 7 days?

Before today, unless you had personal access to me, you would never have read about this particular coaching program. The only people who had access to this particular training intensive would be those who know me personally so I sincerely hope that you’ll read every word of this letter and take advantage of the “Navy Seals” of coaching programs.

Who This Is Not For:

So let’s get really practical…

  • It’s not for the cash strapped – I think we’ve already established that it’s not cheap.

  • It’s not for an absolute computer/Internet newbie. If you’re not computer literate, or if you don’t know how to setup a website or what an autoresponder is, then this is definitely not for you.

  • It’s not for anyone that doesn’t complete tasks on time. This program is driven by daily actions so if you’re not absolutely committed to working the program, it won’t work for you.

Now let’s talk about…


Who This Is For:

  • The beginner marketer looking for guidance and direction.
    So you know your way around a computer and you’ve read all of the ebooks and special reports about information marketing and starting an Internet based business. Maybe you’ve even setup your ClickBank account and got a few product ideas in your head but you’ve never actually earned your first check online. If that’s you, then this could be the best jumping off point that you could ever have prayed for.

  • The active marketer that wants to boost their effectiveness and income.
    Yeah, you’ve overcome the doubters and actually “made money online” so you know that it’s possible. You’ve probably started building your mailing list (although you’re still trying to crack that 500 – 1,000 subscriber mark) but you know it’s just a matter of time and persistence. If I’m talking to you, then this is what you’ve been looking for. It’s the shot-in-the-arm that will take you from wading in the pond to swimming with the big fish.

  • The advanced marketer that wants to break through their current income ceiling.
    You’ve got the systems in place, you outsource, you know the strategies and every thing’s working nicely, but you’ve just topped out and can’t seem to add that extra zero to the end of your income statement. You need to know what is is that allows certain people to get that extra leverage that makes all the difference to your bottom line. This is where you’ll find it.

What Do You Get:

Besides my 10+ years of in the trenches marketing expertise, you’re also going to get access to my completely proprietary systematized approach for creating, promoting and profiting from your own, highly profitable internet-based business. Make no mistake, once you go through this coaching program it will change the way you conceptualize, create and market your business and products FOREVER!

To make it even more tangible for your to grasp the value of what you’ll be getting access to, here are a few more tools, tactics and leverage points that you will gain access to when you take this challenge.

Your 7 Day Coaching Includes:

  • Personalized, one-one-one coaching with me – not an assistant.

  • Daily action steps for each of the 7 days – this alone is worth the piece of admission.

  • A proven info-product business blueprint – once you have the blueprint you can duplicate your success again and again.

  • Long term traffic tactics strategy training session – because having a great product means nothing if you don’t have an audience.

  • Concept-to-completion product development guidance – so that you’ll never create another product that people don’t want.

  • Access to my virtual assistants for the duration of the coaching – we’ll get into more detail about how you can use these in the program, but the savings in transcription worth alone will make this a worthwhile investment.

  • Insider scalability and time management secrets – this is the stuff they don’t teach in ebooks and also the reason why most people have to work day and night on their Internet business instead of enjoying the “freedom” they really wanted.

  • Advanced copywriting assistance for your sales letter, joint venture proposals and emails (NOTE: I won’t write your material for you, but I will take what you prepare and supercharge it’s performance for optimum results.) If you’ve read this far then you’ve already proven that I know this stuff. My copywriting knowledge will rock your world.

At this point, you’re either ready to make the change to get where you want to go, or you’ve already decided that you don’t have what it takes to work with me. Either choice is just dandy with me, but before I let the doers take action, let’s set the ground rules so that everyone gets exactly what they hope to from this one-of-a-kind, 7 day intensive coaching program.

The Rules & Requirements

  • This 7 Day Coaching Intensive does NOT include weekends and any major holidays. If we begin our coaching relationship on a Thursday, then we will work together on the Thursday and Friday and have the weekend off to start fresh on the Monday morning and continue daily until the following Friday.

  • This is not an ongoing coaching program. If you are interested in ongoing coaching I have other options that you can explore on this website. This is a 7 day intensive coaching program designed to literally propel you from marketing concept to product launch and beyond.

  • You will be required to complete each day’s assignment by the following day. You MUST therefore be able to dedicate at LEAST 3hrs per day for the duration of the coaching program (i.e. 7 working days). The coaching session itself will require around 30min to 1hr each day and most of the assignments can be completed in 2hrs or less.

  • If you miss out on one day’s training or assignments, we will simply add an extra day to the coaching program (making it 8 days). If you miss more than one day’s training or assignments then you will forfeit* all training and coaching fees. As the name states, this is an “intensive” coaching program and requires a considerable amount of time and effort on both our parts so this is strictly open to doers only! (* Any exceptions are solely for at discretion and no correspondence will be entered into.)

  • You MUST be computer literate, have your own website and know the basics of how to create web pages, upload files and so on. I’m not a techie. I can’t help you create a website. I don’t know how to install CGI scripts. And I’m not your man if you are looking for software assistance. What I teach is marketing. I’ll help you with any marketing-related topic you want but setting up your website and fiddling with your autoresponder software is up to you.

With that out of the way, are you ready to experience the most exhilarating and transformational Internet marketing coaching program available anywhere on the Internet today?

Are you ready to make more progress in 7 short days then you’ve made in months or even years? Great, then here’s…

The Price Of Admission

The cost of the full “Concept To Cash – 7 Day Coaching Intensive”, together with my personal attention and access to my own virtual workforce to help you make real progress real fast (not to mention the other exclusive benefits) will only cost you a one-time $3,997.

You can compare it for yourself to the impersonal information that you might be able to glean from some fancy $10,000 seminar where you still leave without a product, a plan or a real mentor. Or perhaps some other coaching program run by a guru for $5,000 per month – but you actually end up interacting with some assistant that hands you a set of one-size fits all worksheets that you need to go through.

I’m convinced it’s the most value-packed offering available on the Internet right now. If it’s not a right fit for you, then please feel free to look around this website where you’ll find a ton of free information that can make a measureable difference in your business or choose one of our other programs that you feel will benefit you.

But if you know that this is what you need to finally give your Internet business the high octane fuel it needs to go the distance, then here’s…

How To Get Started:

After you submit your order below, here’s what will happen in the coaching program…

1. You will be taken to a fulfilment page where you’ll gain access to my personal email address.

2. You’ll find special instructions asking you to send me an email with the answer to a few personal questions about your level of experience and online activities.

3. You’ll receive a return email from me the following morning (EST) and you’re coaching will begin!

NOTE: Please know that there are absolute NO REFUNDS available for this coaching program. Additionally, I cannot and do not guarantee you’ll make any money as a result of this coaching as individual results depend upon the individual’s effort, situation, application and other intangibles that I have no control over.

$3,997 One-Time Payment

“There’s Nothing Out There Like This!”

When Marvin first started walking me through the coaching program I was shocked at how simple (yet genius) his strategy was!  I can tell you for sure that there’s been nothing out there as quick (and as profitable) for me as his 7 Day Coaching Intensive!

- Bev Mans

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