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When you make your first sale online, it’s an amazing feeling.

No, forget amazing...it’s euphoric!

The doors of wealth and power are going to open for you.

You...are going to be...an internet tycoon.

It’s a feeling that never gets old...until you realize that you need to find a way to make the next sale. 

And that’s when the reality sinks in:

Internet marketing is hard

Not only that...

Internet marketing is different.

Everyone is smart. Everyone is hard working. The workload is crushing. And the uncertainty is endless. You slave away in front of your computer for hours and hours, but you never feel like you’re ready to actually get your ventures out there. 

But imagine if it didn’t have to be that way. Imagine if you could cut out the busy work—cut out the drudgery—and make $1,000’s while working less than your peers. 

Imagine if you had the key to a little-known backdoor—one that let you get on the fasttrack to making money from just about anywhere with an internet connection.

How great would that feel?

The thing I hate about most internet marketing advice is all the hoopla – all the superstitions, the platitudes, and the worn-out clichés:

"Do market research! Know your metrics! Set achievable targets!"

Gee, thanks.

"It worked for this one aspiring internet marketer in my Facebook group chat!"

Uh, maybe that person succeeded in spite of that advice they were given, and not because of it.

The bottom line—it’s all new to you and it’s not clear what works and what doesn’t.

Results are the only grades that matter in the "school" of internet marketing, but you get zero feedback until after your campaigns are over. So you end up having to study everything, doing hundreds of hours of useless busy work that won’t help you make money, because you don’t know any better.

I can’t stand that.

I can’t stand the amount of meaningless busy work most every other internet marketing student insists on doing for no reason.

Why do the maximum amount of work to maybe get a tiny commission check, when you could do the minimum amount necessary and definitely get a 4 or 5 figure cash windfall?

Hi!  I'm Marv.

I'm the head instructor and founder of Marketing Aces.

When I was finally able to work from home as a fulltime internet marketer, I was ecstatic. 

This was the BIG first step toward becoming a work-from-home success.

What Steve Jobs did for Apple, I would do for internet marketing.

There was just one, small problem: 

“Common wisdom” said I was going to crash and burn online.

Here’s why:

  • I don't have any tertiary education.  I have a high school diploma and that's it.  I didn't even own a computer until about 12 month's earlier..
  • I cherish my free time. It’s my favorite kind of time—when you're starting a business, you’re not supposed to have any of it.
  • I wanted to be a solopreneur not someone's boss. Being responsible for a whole team of people is my version of hell.
  • I wasn’t willing to give up my personal life. I’m willing to work hard for short bursts, but I refuse to give up my sleep for months at a time—internet marketing doesn’t want you to sleep, doesn’t want you to eat, it just wants you to work 24/7.
  • My health is important to me. I wasn’t going to become an internet marketer only to shorten my lifespan—and that’s what the stress of the entrepreneurial environment does, especially in your 1st year.

Most of my friends and family thought starting an online business would be a disaster for me, based on what conventional wisdom said.

But that’s because “common wisdom” is baloney.

“Business success is just a matter of working hard,” the 'professionals' say, “work hard, and you’ll emerge at the head of the pack.”

Really? Because it sure seems to me like every internet marketer “works hard.” Nobody seriously considers starting a business and then phones it in, do they?

The business success curve dictates – no matter what –only the top 5% of online entrepreneurs will be in business on 5 years, the middle 60% might experience a level of success before fizzling out, and the bottom 35% never make a dime.

You’re telling me only the top 5% works hard? Bull. Tell the C-segment they “didn’t work hard enough to earn a single check,” and you’ll get punched in the face. Rightfully so, I might add.

If “hard work” was all that mattered, the sure-fire way to get to the top of the internet marketing ranks would be to eat caffeine pills like tic-tacs and sleep when you make six figures or more. But internet marketing doesn’t work like that.

So, how does internet marketing success work?

That’s a question I asked myself when I was standing in your shoes years ago.

Like you, I didn’t know what to really expect.

But, fortunately for me, I got the most important special report of my entire life right before I started my first venture online.

One of my favourite authors—a multi-millionaire internet marketer—liked to give his readers some advice about internet marketing.  Advice I’m going to share with you right now.

His few tips ran contrary to the standard internet marketing advice I had been getting (for example he encouraged his readers to never release a single product that didn't multiply by itself from day one – most people wouldn’t do it but by taking his advice from the start I would be way ahead of everyone else when I started my online business.)

His insights blew my mind wide open. They were the foothold I needed to buck all the generic advice I had been given, and do something radically different.

So, I threw my "Business Plan" in the trash and started testing.

I stopped making assumptions about internet marketing—“because everyone else is doing it,” would no longer be good enough. I was going to forge my own path and built an entire internet marketing system from the ground up.

So I did, and it worked.

Here is another close up of some of my earnings from my early years in online marketing (Checks and payments from my various ClickBank.com and 2Checkout.com accounts):

My methods were so effective, I started receiving those "unicorn-like" checks in the mail.

First they started showing up one at a time but before long they were filling my mailbox weekly.

My system worked like gangbusters and and I ended up quickly making enough money to quit my day job and live my dream job as a full time internet marketer working from home (mostly) and taking orders from nobody but yours truly.

Here are just a few of my personal online business milestones:

  • Zero to 1,000+ Email Subscribers (in less than 24 HOURS!)
  • Selling 500 Subscriptions at $17/month (SOLD OUT in less than 30 days!)
  • Selling 500 Copies of $97 Software (SOLD OUT in less than 90 days!)
  • And Most Recently (2018) Accumulating 52,000+ Instagram Followers across my various Business/Marketing Profiles.
My actual check payments received in the mail
Explosive email subscriber growth

But as proud as I am of the $1,000’s I've made, I’m even more proud of the freedom I was able to enjoy while creating my system:

Best friends a guy could ever have
Having a Bond moment at a Christmas dinner event
Doin' my best Tony Stark impression

I can literally work from anywhere that has an internet connection.

I'm not a morning person and my internet marketing business allows me to start my day, well rested, at around 9am

I got to build my business while still having crazy, fun times with my friends

I get to choose which industries and activities I'm most passionate about and then build businesses around those that I'm interested in

I never have to work weekends if I don't want to

I'm free to go to the movies in the middle of the day (and often do)

I never have to deal with phonecalls, my entire business runs on email or instant messaging services.

I've been able to help hundreds of aspiring internet marketers on their journey to making their own internet marketing dream a reality.

And best of all, along the way I've been able to help friends in financial need and spoil my family and loved ones with awesome little gifts and surprises and that makes everything so worthwhile

I worked smarter than my peers, not harder.

My family called me “foolish” and “crazy” but at the end of every financial year, I was the one smiling.

No, I’m not special, or super talented…I just found a better way.

A way I can show you.

I call it Marketing Aces, and it is the best investment in yourself you will ever make.

Let me show you how to CRUSH internet marketing.

Check out our Master Class on Internet Marketing here.

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