Why You Need an Email List

According to Wikipedia.org an email list is “… a special usage of email that allows for widespread distribution of information to many Internet users…” Pay attention to the words, special usage, because that is important. This special usage requires a lot out of you such as: * Special Software * Knowledge of Laws * Something … Continue reading “Why You Need an Email List”

Online Contests Create Buzz for Your Business

One of the most important components of your online marketing arsenal is to have a healthy email list. One of the best ways to accumulate targeted email addresses for your email list is to get lots of traffic. One of the best ways to get lots of traffic is to create buzz. Finally, one of … Continue reading “Online Contests Create Buzz for Your Business”

Online Contest Apps to Build your Lists and Create Buzz

When you’ve decided on a contest to help build your list and create buzz in your business, it is helpful to know about different apps that can help you make it a breeze. Today, with cloud based computing, and easy Internet access it’s simple to find and use applications that make online contests simple for … Continue reading “Online Contest Apps to Build your Lists and Create Buzz”

JV Partnerships Boost Contest Results

When planning your online contest consider bringing in partners. This is usually called a Joint Venture Partnership or “JV” for short. You do not need to form an entirely new business, you just work on the project together to completion. You can bring in one or more people to do the contest with you. It … Continue reading “JV Partnerships Boost Contest Results”

Accelerate Your List Building with Online Contests

Contests and freebies can boost your email subscriber list exponentially. However, whether or not those subscribers add value to your list or not depends on how targeted your prize is. If you’re giving away something like a free iPad you’ll get all kinds of entries who may not even care about your product or service, … Continue reading “Accelerate Your List Building with Online Contests”