Why a Mini Site?

Visit almost any restaurant, and you’ll see evidence of the increasingly common belief that bigger is better. Fast food restaurants zealously encourage their patrons to upsize their drinks and fries, and upscale dining establishments pile food high on their customers’ plates. Many websites have taken the “bigger is better” theory to heart, too. Superstores like … Continue reading “Why a Mini Site?”

Mini Sites and Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, should be a top priority for any website. Even those that have thousands of pages should have each page optimized for targeted keywords in order to get the best possible search engine rankings. This opens the door for much more traffic. But what about mini sites? Can they … Continue reading “Mini Sites and Search Engine Optimization”

How to Promote Your Mini Site for Free

Large website with big budgets often spend millions of dollars on advertising campaigns. They plaster their URL on billboards across the nation, buy full-page spreads in magazines and spend small fortunes on pay per click advertising. How can a mini site run by your average Joe compete with that? A better question might be, “Why … Continue reading “How to Promote Your Mini Site for Free”