Why You Should Self-Publishing Kindle eBooks

Everyone wants to be an author and today it’s easier than ever. Right now you can self-publish your original writing about any topic, even information products, on Kindle. The important aspect of this is that your work needs to be original, no private label rights articles compiled into a book, and they’ve also put a … Continue reading “Why You Should Self-Publishing Kindle eBooks”

Why Digital Self-publishing is Better Than Traditional Publishing

There are a lot of myths out there about publishing, but I’m here to tell you that self publishing, especially digital self-publishing is better than traditional publishing. Mainly due to the upheaval in the publishing world with digital formats, and the ease at which a person who wants to self-publish can get involved today, usually … Continue reading “Why Digital Self-publishing is Better Than Traditional Publishing”

Top 5 items not to skimp on when self-publishing

Cutting corners is often done when a business wants to cut costs, but make a larger profit. But, when you are self publishing anything, it’s important to avoid skimping on certain aspects of your project if you want it to be successful. Here are five things that you do not want to skimp on when … Continue reading “Top 5 items not to skimp on when self-publishing”

Six Myths of Self-Publishing

Myths regarding self publishing vs. traditional publishing abound. The thing is, people don’t like change. Especially those who are in charge. Traditional publishers do not like losing out to print on demand, self-publishing services, and digital downloads. After all, their bread and butter is made by selling other people’s writing and to miss out on … Continue reading “Six Myths of Self-Publishing”

Self-Publishing the Easy Way

Self-publishing isn’t difficult if you know what needs to be done. Follow these items as if it’s a checklist and you’ll be sure to remember to do everything needed to be done to self-publish your book, information product, or novel. Research Your Topic(s)– Whether you are going to write one book, or a series of … Continue reading “Self-Publishing the Easy Way”

Own the rights to your work with self-publishing

Self-publishing is losing its stigma. Why? Well, the bottom line is money talks. The market has spoken, and the market likes buying self-published books, especially digital books. Even so called vanity press shops are being usurped by savvy writers who are taking matters into their own hands and doing the work themselves. If you’re looking … Continue reading “Own the rights to your work with self-publishing”

Make Big Money Self-Publishing Information Products

Everyone who publishes will not make a lot of money, regardless if they self-publish or choose the traditional publishing route. It’s just a fact of life. About two percent of all books published, regardless of method, become “best sellers”. But, isn’t big money, in the eye of the beholder? How much extra money do you … Continue reading “Make Big Money Self-Publishing Information Products”

Maintain complete control with self-publishing

Self-publishing has evolved to the point that pretty much anyone can do it. However, not everyone can do it successfully. The fact is, without a good product, and excellent marketing, it’s likely your book won’t make very many sells whether you publish traditionally, or you self-publish. One of the main reasons successful self-publishers choose to … Continue reading “Maintain complete control with self-publishing”

How to Self-Publishing Print Books Without a Traditional Publisher

Self-publishing is an excellent way to break into becoming a book author. Your book can become your calling card and garner you more respect, expert status, and business than almost any other method. But, a lot of people get side tracked when trying to self-publish and get ahead of themselves. Let’s go through the steps … Continue reading “How to Self-Publishing Print Books Without a Traditional Publisher”

Different Avenues of Self-publishing

Today, due to the advent of digital technology and print on demand technology you have many avenues available to you if you decide to get into self-publishing. Self-publishing takes some self motivation, drive and initiative, but it’s not a difficult process. You simply need to make the choice that you’re going to self-publish, and then … Continue reading “Different Avenues of Self-publishing”