What Your Marketing Videos Say About You

Just as your articles establish you as an expert authority, so should your marketing videos do the same job. To do this, you need to consistently bring your viewers: • Reliable facts and information • Solutions, rather than simply just products • Information that grants a great benefit: E.G. showing them how to save money, … Continue reading “What Your Marketing Videos Say About You”

Video Marketing Consistency

It doesn’t matter whether you’re aggressively going for “branding” or you’re just more concerned with selling this particular product – video marketing consistency is an often-overlooked key component to success. It’s not the proverbial rocket science, to take advantage of an overused but remarkably apt phrase: It’s just common sense. In English-speaking cultures, our brains … Continue reading “Video Marketing Consistency”

Video Email Marketing: Have You Tried It Yet?

One other tactic you can employ using videos is video email marketing. But is it effective? A report from Marketing Vox reported impressive results, with a 33.42% clickthrough rate, including 63.95% of that 33% “watching the video through to completion. Adds Marketing Vox, “The average viewing time was one minute and thirty-six seconds; by way … Continue reading “Video Email Marketing: Have You Tried It Yet?”

Using YouTube for Video Marketing Research

You’ve invested a lot of time in learning how to perform video marketing successfully: However, there’s one area many marketers don’t fully explore – and that is using YouTube to conduct your own video marketing research. Properly done, YouTube video marketing research can help you decide in advance whether or not a product is worth … Continue reading “Using YouTube for Video Marketing Research”

How To Attract more Viewers for your Videos

One of the simplest ways to attract more viewers lies in not ignoring a small but larger-than-you-likely-realize segment of your potential market: Namely, those who are still on dial-up. While admittedly a small segment of the global population, their business can boost your sales more than you might think possible. One of the strongest reasons? … Continue reading “How To Attract more Viewers for your Videos”

6 YouTube Video Formats Explained

The easy answer to the question, “just how many video formats are there, anyway”, is a glib: “Probably more than either of us realize!” However, that’s not exactly helpful to those new to video marketing and video making, so here are 5 YouTube compatible formats – with some clues to the differences between them… .WMV … Continue reading “6 YouTube Video Formats Explained”