Multimedia and Mini Sites

It’s hard to believe that only a couple of decades ago, the Internet was a land of nothing but text. Today, it is filled with graphics, animation, audio and video. These things have not only made the World Wide Web a more entertaining place, they have also brought forth new ways of sharing information.

Improved hardware and software, along with websites such as YouTube, have made it easy for any webmaster to utilize multimedia on his website. But not everyone agrees that this is a good thing. Some employers have banned the use of certain sites in the workplace because of it, citing decreased productivity. And some Internet users are not fond of music or video popping up without warning.

This has led some mini site owners to shy away from using multimedia on their sites. They worry about turning their visitors off, so they stick with text and graphics. But is that really necessary?

Audio and video are great educational aids. They can also make an impact in a way that the written word just can’t. And these days, most Internet users are accustomed to being greeted with sounds and moving pictures when they visit a website. Those who need to keep things quiet for one reason or another usually keep the volume turned down or muted.

If you’re still worried about upsetting visitors with multimedia, there’s a simple compromise you can make. Just adjust your code so that the audio or video doesn’t start automatically when the page is opened. Those that want to listen can click the play button, and those who prefer not to can leave it be.

Audio and video can inject personality into your site. It brings your words to life and makes it much easier to illustrate certain things. Don’t be afraid of it. Use it to make your mini site more attractive and useful.