Grow your business with recurring revenue

The best type of business to start is one with recurring revenue that can build each month. In some circles this is called residual income. The important factor is that starting today to build recurring revenue can have a huge impact on your business success tomorrow. You’re probably familiar with the flashy sales pages that … Continue reading “Grow your business with recurring revenue”

Creating Recurring Revenue Solutions

If you’re a service provider you may be looking for ways to increase your income without increasing your work load. Trading hours for dollars can be limited. Sure, you enjoy and love what you do every single day but eventually the amount of income you can make will be capped to the number of hours … Continue reading “Creating Recurring Revenue Solutions”

5 Ways to Earn Recurring Revenue

Earning recurring revenue is the best way to keep your business afloat even during down times like vacation and illness. Recurring revenue is money that you will earn week after week or month after month without that much daily upkeep. You can add many levels of recurring income to your business model even as a … Continue reading “5 Ways to Earn Recurring Revenue”

Why You Should Self-Publishing Kindle eBooks

Everyone wants to be an author and today it’s easier than ever. Right now you can self-publish your original writing about any topic, even information products, on Kindle. The important aspect of this is that your work needs to be original, no private label rights articles compiled into a book, and they’ve also put a … Continue reading “Why You Should Self-Publishing Kindle eBooks”

Maintain complete control with self-publishing

Self-publishing has evolved to the point that pretty much anyone can do it. However, not everyone can do it successfully. The fact is, without a good product, and excellent marketing, it’s likely your book won’t make very many sells whether you publish traditionally, or you self-publish. One of the main reasons successful self-publishers choose to … Continue reading “Maintain complete control with self-publishing”